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Official data from betradar on the subject of match-fixing and believe me, the number is underestimated by 3-4 times!!!

The organizers of fixed matches in 2022 could earn about 165 million euros on them, according to a report prepared by the sports data provider Sportradar.

According to Sportradar, the turnover of sports betting in the world in 2022 exceeded 1.45 trillion euros.According to Sportradar, the turnover of sports betting in the world in 2022 exceeded 1.45 trillion euros.

Sportradar detected 775 suspicious football matches in 2022.

The company noted that this is the largest number of suspicious matches recorded in the entire 17-year history of Sportradar. The current figure is 2.4% higher than the previous maximum of 882 signals recorded in 2019.

It is noted that 50% of suspicious matches in national leagues fall on third and lower leagues, including regional and youth football.

The most potential fixed matches were detected in Europe — 525 signals, followed by Asia — 161 potential fixed matches, South America is in third place — 131 signals about a possible fixed match.


Sunday is the most common day of the week when suspicious sporting events occur, accounting for 22.5% of cases. It is followed by Wednesday with 16.8% and Saturday with 15.6%, which reflects the large number of football matches held on these days of the week.

Sportradar analysts analyzed 750 thousand competitions and matches, finding more than 900 questionable games. A year later, the number of suspicious encounters increased significantly to 12 games (an increase of 34%).

The largest number of potential "negotiators" it was found in football - more than 775 matches. Basketball ranks second with 220 suspicious games, which is 3.5 times more than in the previous year. Most of the strange matches were found in Europe - more than 630 (more than half of the total).

Sportradar analysis shows that every 171st football game in the world can be suspicious (0.59%). Considering that more than 400 matches in the top leagues take place on weekends in Europe alone, these figures cause genuine concern.

In Russia, analysts found 92 strange results. According to the Sportradar report, Brazil ranks first with 152 suspicious events (8% of the total), and Russia is in second place with 92 strange matches.

Sportradar's research also revealed other countries where the most suspicious matches were found. These are Czech Republic (56), Kazakhstan (43), China (41), Greece (40), Argentina (39), Philippines (37), Poland (36) and Thailand (35). Analysts did not indicate in which sports suspicious matches were found in these countries.

Most suspicious matches take place in Europe, but bets are placed on them in Asia. Modern technologies help analysts to identify such dubious matches. If someone has suspicions about the honesty of the game, the match goes through several stages of analysis through computer algorithms to assess the probability of the result. Most bets on suspicious matches are made in "real time" mode in Asian betting companies. It is noteworthy that more than half of the "negotiators" occur in Europe, despite the fact that these matches are played thousands of kilometers from the servers and offices of bookmakers.





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Round-the-clock monitoring of the parimatch and live lines of the largest European and Asian bookmakers, fine-tuning of scanners allows us to say with confidence that an abnormal amount of money is being received for the event.


I don't understand what it's about, what kind of scanners, what do you do?

We are engaged in the search and identification of contractual matches, scanners bookmakers are needed to monitor the coefficients.

Let's say that these coefficients will give you?

The fact is that, as such, contractual games would not exist if it were not for there would be bookmakers, in almost any contractual game, change coefficients from cash shipments (large amounts for a certain outcome) and not must win, let's say 2 goals in the first half of the match. This can be seen when availability of necessary programs and tools.

Where are the guarantees that this match and the bet will come in when you saw it?

There are no guarantees, the only thing you can be sure of is that for the game quite a lot of money was put on, and the probability of winning in this case is times and times higher than playing on analytics in any other way and by strategy, we start from the coefficients and the money put down for the match. We don't do any other analytics.

What types of bets do you have ?

Bets are 90% live, because most matches are immersed in live, because people who make games don't want the game to be removed from the line bookmakers and do not give themselves away before the game.

What kinds of sports and leagues ?

Football and 90% live. The main leagues in which games are made (contractual games) Vietnam, India, Mongolia, Laos, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, etc., the list can go on for a very long time.

So you see the flow of money?

We see the flow of money only on the stock exchanges, in the bookmakers themselves we have money we do not see, but we see abnormal changes in coefficients and additional the changes by which bookmakers give themselves away, thereby giving us understand that the game is worth a lot of money.

Tomorrow's match Milan-Inter what will be the score ?

Without a single idea of what the bill will be, the fact is that the progruzes themselves live and prematch lines are visible in 90% of cases only on smellmarket, that is, in the grassroots leagues, backward countries, countries with a high level of corruption, in 2.3 leagues of countries, due to the fact that there are not so many bets on such leagues. AND in THE TOP leagues, put dozens of times more and accordingly, to see the money there progruz is very, very difficult, that is, you can see it, in certain in some cases, but this will not mean that this is a contractual match at all.

How much is it?